Around OC

Being new in OC, it's been challenging finding new resources within a 5-mile range. East Coast living has spoiled me. That being said, I'm happy to share the things I come across that have been part of my practice.

Meet Joe Reed, a movement therapist specializing in Fibromyalgia - His passion for helping those who have limited movement from pain is unweilding along with his unbelievable knowledge and journey of his own recovery from wheelchair to personal trainer.

Dr. Kaisa Lopez, Acupuncturist - Dr. Lopez incorporates the best of Western and Eastern medicine integrating herbs, homeopathy, and acupuncture. She is very committed to developing strategies towards wellness goal. I really enjoy discussions with her on the latest complementary and medicinal approaches and discoveries.

Dr. Zhao, Dragon Acupuncture - I'm a big fan of Chinese Traditional Medicine and it's ability to balance the body internally. If you're looking to try acupuncture, I highly recommend Dr. Zhao of Dragon Acupuncture.

Van and Sean, VS Music Studios - If you've wanted to give singing or voice lessons a try or have been wanting to learn to play the piano or drums, I'd highly recommend setting up a session with Van and Sean. They are both super sweet, patient and fun. I always bring friends in for a class when I get a chance. It's a great experience!

Orange County Tai Chi Studio - I found a Tai Chi group in Orange County I enjoy moving with and learning from. I love that they practice outdoors.

Firestrorm Freerunning Acrobatics - Firestorm is a parkour (freerunning) gym in Santa Ana. Great instructors for kids and adults. They also offer strength and conditioning, tricking and tumbling, silks and trampoline classes. Also, one of the few places I found a cyr wheel instructor!

GracieBarre Costa Mesa - Contact Coach Patrick. I enjoyed the women's self defense classes and private training sessions here. Coach Patrick was good with working around my injuries and physical limitations and provided detailed explanations on body mechanics.

Ikazuchi Dojo - Really good Aikido instructors and programs here.

Rockreation Costa Mesa - My favorite indoor rock climbing gym - great instructors and community.

Atomic Ballroom - Argentine Tango and Salsa. I've really enjoyed meeting new friends and learning about two left feet in this community. They offer different dance styles - tango and salsa being my favorite.


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