• Whole BodyMind Approach to bringing your natural structure into balance

The Benefits of
Good Posture
(length: 4 min 26 sec)

by Murat Dalkilinç

What is Bodytalk?
(length: 5 min 3 sec)

by Danica


• for relief from chronic pain and tension
• to rehabilitate from an injury
• as an alternative to surgery
• to relieve symptoms from scar tissue
• to feel more ease in breathing
• for better posture and balance
• for athletic and everyday performance
• to feel more ease in movement
• to recognize and free restricted patterns
• to connect with their body
• for better body awareness
• to move with peace of mind

Addressing symptoms from

• neck, shoulder, elbow, back, knee, hip pain
• sciatica
• nerve impingements
• plantar fasciitis
• foot neuromas
• headaches and migraines
• scoliotic patterns
• frozen shoulder
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• tendonitis
• tension and tightness
• gastrointestinal issues


Your Manual Therapist

The highlight of my day is to help you meet your goals towards a happy, healthy, functioning body and mind through integrative work and education of structure and movement. I work with you to understand the visceral, cranial and nerve effects on structure and compensatory patterns which result in symptoms of pain. My focus has been on integrating visceral, cranial, somato-emotional/trauma (Bodytalk), functional neurology, applied kinesiology, neurokinetic therapy (NKT), TCM elements such as meridians and acupuncture points, and Scar Tissue work to create a wholistic approach to healing.

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